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How to repair the zip isn't working?

Feb 7, 2023 QLQ zipper
The Maintenance of Zipper-QLQ Zipper




The Maintenance of Zipper


1.zipper collapse processing method.

Take the pliers to pull the head of the mouth part of the clip, clip to the right on, not too tight! Do not use the pliers to clip the middle of the burst position too hard, too hard may be bad zipper clip, and do not clip the zipper too tight, if the zipper clip too tight after the zipper is not smooth and not pull. If the zipper is really bad clip, you can only go to a tailor store to change a zipper.

2.the zipper maintenance skills.

(1) the usual use, to pay attention to the zipper on the "teeth", crooked and other issues, these problems should be repaired in a timely manner, do not pull hard. If the zipper is loose and off the teeth, use a small hammer in the zipper head gently knock a few times, so that the upper and lower teeth bite tighter, will not be off the teeth.

(2) Aluminum alloy zipper is easy to be corroded, so it should be kept dry, do not get wet, in order to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxide, which will cause the zipper to rust and affect the use, and also be careful not to contact with alkaline and acidic substances. When keeping the zipper, make sure that it is well ventilated, not sealed, and not kept in an environment full of moisture, and use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier if necessary.If the zipper is damp later, pull up astringent; then, first the zipper will be sun-dried, and then, in the teeth of the zipper coated with some wax, and then baked by fire, so that the use, it is very lubricated.

(3) when pulling the zipper, the teeth on both sides should be aligned together, and then pinch the zipper head along the track and gently pull forward, do not pull hard, so as not to cause "zipper teeth skew" and "off teeth". If the zipper is astringent and inflexible, you can wipe it clean with a cloth first and then play a layer of white wax on the "zipper teeth".

(4) Various bags, pockets or wallets with zippers should not be overfilled, otherwise the zipper will easily cause the phenomenon of "falling teeth", skew and soft cloth.

Of course we have a full set of zipper repair tools, you can contact us if you need it!

Of course we have a full set of zipper repair tools

3.Special zipper maintenance products

If you are a zipper manufacturer or garment manufacturer, and the zipper in the warehouse is damp or the zipper is not smooth due to the other party's long time, or the new zipper is not smooth after the break-in period, then QIOQ's Y-water is perfect for it. Using Y-water can add a layer of special material on the surface of zipper teeth to make the zipper smooth, and there is also the effect of softening the cloth tape, and the zipper product will not have any effect on the color of the zipper after soaking and rinsing.

If you want to know more, you can contact us!

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