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Do you know what the benefits of invisible zippers?

9 giu 2023 QLQ zipper

Invisible zippers are very common in foreign garment industry, and it has a wide range of applications in the garment field, such as garments with zippers, hats, scarves and so on. Invisible zippers are used in clothing mainly to facilitate the wearing of clothes, and it can make the clothes look more neat and beautiful. Invisible zippers are loved by many people because they are not easy to see.

One of the benefits of invisible zippers is that it can make your clothes more aesthetically pleasing.
As we all know, there are many clothes on the market nowadays without zippers, and most people don't care much about these details when they buy clothes.
Because they think that it does not matter whether there is a zipper or not. But this idea is wrong, because clothes without zippers tend to make you look sloppy. Moreover, if you want to wear a beautiful dress, only to find that it does not have a zipper, that is simply a terrible thing.
So invisible zippers are made to make up for these shortcomings. The invisible zipper looks very beautiful overall when it is closed.

There is an invisible zipper, although invisible from the outside, but from the zipper cloth can be seen, if the wearer walks outside, the zipper will swing with the swing of clothing and swing, giving the illusion of "something inside". In this way, you can play the effect of preventing nakedness. Especially in places where there are more female friends, such as: shopping malls, stations, cinemas, etc. If it is in the outdoor sports when wearing this kind of clothes, can also play a good role in preventing nakedness.

Protective clothing
One of the biggest benefits of the invisible zipper is that it can effectively protect clothes from being scratched. Many clothes are made of fabric, especially some underwear, which is very fragile. If you use a traditional zipper, it is easy to cut your clothes when you pull the zipper. But if you use an invisible zipper, this will not happen. Because invisible zipper has very strong abrasion resistance and it will stop automatically when it is pulled to a certain level, so it will not damage the clothes.


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