Please contact customer service to get the details or price of the product.
Please contact customer service to get the details or price of the product.

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When opening and closing the zipper, it does not move smoothly or catches the fabric.

--a) When sewing, if the stitching is too close to the elements, the slider will not have enough space to move, impeding its operation. Be careful to allow enough space.

--b) If the zipper catches because the fabric used is too thin or soft, you should put in a stitch or core to reinforce it.

Is there something I should be aware of when using a zipper for babies’ and kids’ products?

Special products/features, such as plastic stops, are available for babies' and kids’ products. Contact QLQ representatives for more details.

CollapsibleI have problems with metal zipper color changes? row

--a) Metal parts may corrode depending on their storage conditions. There is a risk of the corroded parts staining the product, so products should be kept at low humidity, avoiding hermetically sealed storage in plastic bags or cardboard boxes and allowing some breathability in storage. (Please also be aware of the effects of NOX.)

--b) The use of cleaning products containing fluorine, or contact with fabric on which such cleaning products have been used, causes metal parts to become discolored. Please be cautious of this.

The zipper was bent during dry cleaning.

Repeated dry cleaning or high-temperature drying without closing the zipper will cause it to bend. Be sure to close the zipper before washing, drying or dry cleaning.

I need high quality metal finished zipper with OEKO-TEX certificate. Do you have it?

Yes, we can make it, and we have OEKO-TEX certificate.


What material is the pendant made of?

The pendant is made of brand-new zinc alloy, rather than recycled materials, so you can see that there are no bubbles on the surface.

Can I make the different designs according to my requirements?

Yes, our professional designers can customize different designs according to your needs. Besides, we can also make the product according to your sample.

Is the quality of the goods guaranteed?

Yes, of course. We pay attention to every process from the material choosing until finishing product. Our QC also inspects the goods very carefully.

Could you introduce the production process of your high quality products?

Yes. For high quality product, our process as following:

1) Use 88 tons die casting machine for die casting;

2) Separate the product and zinc frame by hand instead of automatic separating machine;

3) Polish product by hand polishing instead of vibrator machine polishing;

4) Plate product by hanging/Rack electroplating way instead of barrel plating way;

5) Pack product by soft paper and small transparent bag one by one.

Can I make different colors according to my requirement?

Yes, we can make different colors by electroplating according to your requirement.

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