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How to choose a good mosquito net zipper slider

3 июнь 2023 г. QLQ zipper

With the invasion of mosquitoes, mosquito nets began to use in home life, and the installation of mosquito nets is the most important step. And as the most important part of the mosquito net - zipper, has been the most concerned about the consumer in the selection of the place.

Zipper slider is used to connect the mosquito net and zipper metal head, that is, the part that connects the mosquito net and zipper, for a good zipper head, its quality can often determine whether the entire mosquito net can be durable.
In the purchase, the consumer's main concern should be whether its quality. How to choose a good quality zipper head? Mainly from the following aspects to consider:

1)look at the appearance
Look at the quality of the zipper head appearance, there should be no defects, cracks, burrs, the surface should be smooth. In the purchase can be held in the hands of the zipper head repeatedly lift a few times to observe its elasticity. Quality zipper head should be able to easily pull on or pull open, no "click" sound; poor quality zipper head will be issued "click" sound or pull on. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers often cut corners in the production, resulting in the zipper head is not flexible enough, easy to take off the slot, and even break, broken and other phenomena.

2)Look at the surface

Which can be divided into two parts: the surface of the zipper head and the surface of the zipper lock.
The surface of the zipper head should be no burrs, so as to avoid friction between the zipper lock and the mosquito net causing the zipper lock to fall off. This is mainly for the surface of the zipper head, because the general zipper head will have some edges, which is not only unsightly, but also easy to damage the zipper lock. In addition, some poor quality zipper head, after pulling up will make a metal collision sound. Since inferior zipper heads are made of cheap metal materials, their materials are generally poor, and the production process is not fine enough.
When looking at the surface of the zipper lock, you can use your hand to touch the surface of the zipper head. If the surface of the zipper is smooth, no burrs, and does not make a metal collision sound after pulling up, then it means that the zipper is better. Of course, this is not absolute, because some zipper locks use electroplating treatment technology or painting technology to improve the surface quality of the zipper head. However, a good quality zipper head will be checked and trimmed several times during the plating and painting process, so it will have a smooth feeling when you touch it.

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