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QLQ 2022 Annual Meeting

15 Thg 1, 2023 QLQ zipper
QLQ 2022 Annual Meeting-QLQ Zipper

QLQ 2022 Annual Meeting






A little rabbit with a lantern|QLQzipper

On January 13, 2023, the QLQ 2022 annual work summary and commendation meeting was successfully held.

All staff of the company and general manager Ms Cathy and Mr Ankus attended the meeting.


Group photo of qlq zipper after-sales service team





At the beginning of the meeting, Ms Cathy reported and summarized the work of our slider mould factory, the zipper machinery factory, the sales department, the network department and the after-sales service department. She said: In the past year, the ups and downs of the zipper market have brought big pressure on the operation of QLQ, but all departments have made joint efforts and achieved good results.

A little rabbit with a lantern|QLQzipperIn the middle of the meeting, Ms Cathy commended the company's "excellent individuals" and "advanced departments" in 2022. All staff participated in the raffle and were rewarded with a lot of prizes.

qlqzippr Excellent team




At the same time,  Mr Ankus also propose a vision for QLQ 2023: under the stage of gradual market stability, we should make strategic plans, strengthen the training of team talents, and improve company’s management mechanism to improve the overall quality and skills of employees. In addition, we should adhere to QLQ's concept of "common development of employees, enterprises and customers", provide our customers with high-quality zipper products and bag accessories, establish a low-cost zipper factory and a high-qualified team with rapid response.

qlq general manager Mr Ankus

After the meeting, the manager of the human resource department announced the holiday notice for the Chinese New Year: from Jan,15th to Jan,31st, 2023.

Happy New Year!

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