Please contact customer service to get the details or price of the product.
Please contact customer service to get the details or price of the product.

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Do you know about PU/TPU/PVC Waterproof Long Zipper?

25 Thg 7, 2021 QLQ zipper
Quick-Tips :PU/TPU/PVC Waterproof Long Zipper-QLQ Zipper

As the name indicates, waterproof zippers are zippers that go through special treatment, mainly used to provide protection against the water. According to the waterproof film being applied, normally they can be divided into PU,TPU and PVC waterproof zipper.

Here, let's talk about some issues related to them.

01    PU ( Polyurethane ) waterproof zippers

Zipper With Polyurethane coating on the outside surface, which makes the zipper almost waterproof and assure better heat resistance, toughness, and ductility.

PU waterproof zipper feels like leather and the lines of the tape will not be shown on the zipper surface.

02   TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) waterproof zippers

TPU waterproof zipper is with Thermoplastic Urethane coating to make it not only waterproof but also breathable with good flexibility and resistance to low/high temperature.

But the line is visible on the surface of the zipper ( as you can see from below picture )

03  PVC(polyvinyl chloride ) waterproof zippers

PVC waterproof zipper is seldom used in nowadays' market as it's performance is quite poor in waterproof effect and will come off or tear easily.

Tips for purchasing choice


NO.1 Imported PU



Remark: The TPU waterproof zippers are the most favorable as their moderate price and good using performance.



Imported PU waterproof zippers are suitable for heavy-duty tests that involve numerous pulling back and forth of the zippers.

Imported PU and TPU waterproof zippers are both suitable for better resistance to low/high temperature ( PU waterproof zippers [-80, 200] or TPU waterproof zippers [-40to-50,100-180].

You can just find waterproof zipper being used in such products as clothes, tents, waterproof shoes, luggage and bags, etc.


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